Having A Passion

For Knitting

About Me

Hello and welcome to my personal blog, my name is Kimberly D. Sanchez and I have a passion for knitting. Here on this blog, I will try to share my personal experience and opinions about knitting. I have been knitting for over 15 years.

My passion for knitting started back when I was a little girl, and the person that introduced it to me was my grandmother. She was also very passionate about it and luckily for me she was extremely talented. I learned everything from her, all the techniques and the little tricks. Now after more than 15 years, I have gathered a lot of experience and I have expanded my knowledge even more.

Therefore I have decided that I want to share that experience with other people that are interested in learning how to knit. If you carefully read through my articles, you will learn how to knit properly.



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