Where To Find Motivation For Knitting

The motivation for knitting is a common problem that some people have usually this issue appears when you are only starting to knit because you are not satisfied with the end results that you are getting. That is not the way you should be looking at this because starts are always rough and they require constant improvement in order to gain the skill level that you want. Giving up, in the beginning, is the worst thing that you can do if you ask me, I will say that you should never give up until you have given all that you got. I agree that sometimes even our best cannot be enough for something, but at least you have tried everything and you know that there is nothing left to try other than giving up if you are really not satisfied.

With knitting, I always tell people to find a motivation that will push them forward in the beginning because after they have passed that point, they will realize how fun knitting actually is. You just have to go through that first few tough days and you will do good after that.

My Motivation

Knitting MotivationPeople have been asking me for a long time now how and where did I found my motivation to continue knitting after more than 15 years. My answer to them has always been the same, I find my motivation in the work that I am doing, simple as that. When I finish one of the projects that I am working on, that is what motivates me the most because, after few hours or days of work, I can finally see the finished product and admire it. That feeling is what motivates me, and one more thing that motivates me is the reaction of other people to my work. That cannot be described, I never found anything like that in my entire life only in knitting and I don’t want to lose that feeling of pride when someone compliments my work.

Look at Your Work

To all people that are struggling to find the motivation to continue knitting, I have one thing to say and that is to look at their work. That should be motivating enough because even when your project is not the greatest, you will feel motivated maybe even more because then you know that you have room for improvement and that you shouldn’t stop. In the case when you are satisfied with your work, you will also be motivated to continue knitting because then you will realize how talented you actually are and you will not want to waste your talent for knitting by doing some different things.

Knitting Motivation

At least that’s how I personally feel about motivation and I think that everyone is capable of achieving success in knitting, you just have to try hard enough and don’t give up when you are struggling. Keep pushing forward and the hard work will eventually pay off. You can also find motivation in other people’s work because you can admire it and try to make the same projects as they did.