How To Improve Knitting Skills

Improving your knitting skills is quite simple actually, I really don’t understand why some people are struggling with that. Improving your skills in something no matter what it is can be done in only one way and that is practice. The problem with that is some people take the word practice literally and they miss the whole point. In those situations, people are getting frustrated because they are not improving at all even though they were practicing for a long time.

Practice NEW Things

Improve Knitting SkillsPeople that are not improving even when they are practicing are doing something wrong obviously. The solution to their problem is also practice, but a different kind. Those people are stuck because they are practicing one thing over and over. That is bad because after one or two times, they have learned how to properly do it and they cannot move forward without the challenge to learn something new. If you are not challenging your brain to learn some new techniques, you shouldn’t expect any results in improvement.

You have to realize that you must try out new things, something that you haven’t tried doing yet. That way your brain will have to think somewhat differently in order to complete that different task. When I was little I had the same problem, I was making scarfs for a long time and I was happy with them but I wanted to improve and I never had the courage to try something else. My friends and grandmother inspired me to try making something much more complicated. At first, I was scared and I knew that I will fail half way, but then my grandmother said that if I want to improve I must learn from my mistakes.

Just like that, I was making all kinds of things that were considered complicated and hard. Doing the same old things was quite boring then and I lost interest in them. Mostly because I have discovered that I was talented and I could make much nicer things.

Going Back

If you put enough time and effort into knitting, you will reach a point where you don’t have anything new to make. When that happens, I want to congratulate you because you have been working really hard and your work is paying off. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to stop, there is always more room for improvement even when you think that you have reached the end.

Improve Knitting Skills

At that point, you have to go back to some stuff that you have been making in the beginning. The reason for that is quite simple, you will be going back and making those things again but with a difference. That difference is your experience that you have gained through hard work over the years. Now is the time that you can show what you have learned and make those simple things stand out by making them unique and high quality. Then you can even make a business out of it if you see that people are interested in your work.