Difference Between Knitting And Crocheting

A very common mistake that a lot of people are making is that they think there is no difference between knitting and crocheting. Usually, the people that don’t see the difference between these two types are not familiar with the techniques that are used to knit or crochet.  If you tried out both of them, then you will realize all the obvious differences between these two styles. I personally have much more experience in knitting than in crocheting, the main reason being is that I was inspired to start knitting when I watched my grandmother do it and for the first few years, I only knitted.

Difference Between Knitting And Crocheting

After few years of only knitting, I became a little curious about that other method, so I started to research it because my grandmother didn’t know anything about it, therefore I had to learn this one on my own. I must say it was a lot harder to learn and it took a lot more time because I didn’t have anyone to show me how it is done. After a thorough research that took me about two months, I decided that I was ready to try it out. Remember, back then I didn’t have the internet to find a tutorial on how to crochet, I only had some books and few pictures that I used as guidance.

Main Differences

Difference Between Knitting And CrochetingWhen I did my research about crocheting, I immediately realized that there were some similarities to knitting and that I might be good at it because I have previous knowledge about knitting. However, after I started actually to crochet, I saw that I was wrong and that I must forget about the knitting techniques that I have learned years ago because this was something completely different. One thing that both of these methods have in common is that you have to have needles and a yarn that you have to use with certain technique to create fabric.

One difference that I found very interesting is the actual knitting and crocheting act because, with the knitting, you have to work with a lot of open stitches at the same time. With crocheting, you have to worry about just one open stitch at a time.

Of course, the more obvious differences are the actual techniques and the tools that you are using these methods. Everything from the needles to the fabric that you are using is actually different. Therefore for I must say you are wrong to all the people that don’t know the differences between these two methods of creating a fabric piece.

From my personal experience, it was a great journey to learn both of these methods, but I must say that after trying out both of them I still find knitting to be far more interesting method than crocheting. However, there are some people that think different from me and they find more fun with crocheting and I completely understand them because I know that everyone has a different taste.