Knitting Machines VS Traditional Hand Knitting

We are now living in a modern age, which means that most of the things that were done by hand are now done by machines. That transfer is bad and good at the same time. The good side of that transfer is that we can now complete that work for a much faster time. However, that might not be always worth it because people are losing their jobs to machines that can do the same job eve faster and better. Unfortunately, that happened to knit too, somehow I always knew that it will eventually happen, so I was prepared for it. However, people that are not familiar with technology were shocked by the news that machines can now knit.

Knitting Machines

These machines are specially designed to knit, simple as that. They are made with the purpose of replacing people because knitting is a very time-consuming process. Unfortunately, some people obviously wanted a faster way to knit, so they have made a knitting machine. One more reason why knitting machines might have been made is that there are not many people in the world that are doing the traditional hand knitting.

Knitting Machines

Therefore they tried to increase the production of knitted things. I personally don’t have a lot of experience with knitting machines, I have never used one in my life and I think that I will never have to because I really like the traditional way of knitting by hand.

I just don’t see how machines can be compared with hand knitting because the quality of the finished products that are knitted with hands is far better than the products that were made by a machine. They might save a lot of time, but they are using up power, they can break and more importantly they don’t have the quality as a hand knitting.

Hand knitting

Knitting MachinesIf you ask me, there is no better way to knit than the old and traditional hand knitting. I feel safe from the machines because I know that they cannot replace anyone that is good at knitting. I have seen some of these machines working and I realized that there are a lot of problems with them that simply cannot be fixed. Also, I believe that these machines are very bad for the knitting community all over the world because people will think that there is no need for traditional hand knitters. However that is not true, the traditional way of knitting should always be transferred to the next generation because people need to understand how important hand knitters like me are.


I really think that more people should start learning knitting because that is the only way our community can grow and survive with the upcoming technical advancement. We have to save this traditional way of knitting because it has a lot of benefits, unfortunately, people that don’t know how to knit don’t understand that, and that’s why then are not even interested in trying it out at least once.