The most popular knitting stitches

When faced with knitting for the first time, beginners easily get overwhelmed and lost among various moves, tricks, patterns, and models. It might seem way too complex and highly challenging, but in fact, all the knitting techniques come down to two basic elements: knit and purl. And a large scale of impressive combinations of these two. This eventually results in different knitting styles and attractive stitch patterns providing the different design of the material and finally different feel when worn or used. Some of the stitch patterns are common among knitting lovers due to their simplicity, others due to their elegancy and complexity and some are particularly suitable for some types of yarn or pieces of cloth. Here’s a preview of some of the most common stitch patterns that are suitable for beginners as well to learn and master knitting techniques.

Stocking knit for smooth simplicity

Although it might seem too basic and elementary, stocking knit is one of the classic knitting styles that preserves elegancy and professional appearance. It is ideal for beginners to practice technique. The stitch pattern consists of one row knit and the next row purl. The combination goes back and forth. The pattern is simple, but it doesn’t appear as poor and shallow. It is also quite convenient for over sewing details, such as buttons, as well as to combine it with various other stitching styles. Aside from socks (as suggested in the name), it is suitable for all other pieces of cloth, as well as for various other items, such as bags or even stuffed animals.

Ribbing – basic, but effective

A simple pattern that appears complex and as advanced level of knitting skills. It looks neat, elegant, slightly serious and it is perfect for adding ending touch to various knitting projects. Ribbing includes straight rows of knits and purls, and it is often used for cuffs, necklines, and hems on different pieces of cloth or other items. A great way to make your knitting look professional with quite a basic pattern of stitches.

Garter and cable stitches

Garter stitching is one of those quite simple techniques widely used and popular, equally for beginners and the experienced knitters. The simplicity of the pattern is based on each row back and forth technique, but it provides extremely soft, gentle and squishy material that is perfect for sweaters or kids’ cloth. The pattern looks like you are rather familiar with knitting skills and good at it, although it is quite simple. Thus the beginners appreciate the feeling of progress and accomplishment it provides.

On the other hand, cabling truly is advanced technique, and it is widely used in several different variations. It provides depth and complexity to the general stitch pattern with all of its curves, waves, and spirals, which makes it perfect for unique pieces of cloth or various attractive accessories. It requires patience and a lot of commitment to achieve the skills of casting an adequate number of stitches in front and behind, but once you overcome this technique, you can truly consider yourself experienced knitter.