How Knitting Affects The Brain

When I first started knitting, I never knew all the good things it will bring to my life. I thought that it will be sort of a hobby that I will use occasionally to kill time when I feel bored. That opinion instantly changed when I started knitting because I immediately realized all the good things that came from it. One of those good things that I got from knitting was the feeling of relaxation.


Knitting Affects BrainThe first few times when I was just learning how to do it, I was expecting to be frustrated because it will take me a long time to figure it out. However it was quite the opposite, I must say that it was a very relaxing feeling even for the first time that I knitted. After that when I learned most of the techniques, I was knitting much faster and I was feeling even more relaxed. So after I had discovered that great healing power of knitting, I started using it every time I felt stressed about something. It was the one thing that was always working for me and it helped me out in a lot of stressed situations.

People have been asking me how I can start knitting when I am obviously stressed because of something, they just didn’t understand the hidden powers of the knitting. I had always hard time explaining to other people what knitting really means to me, especially to people that don’t have any experience knitting.

Research on the effectsKnitting Affects Brain

I’m not the only person that has experienced these healing powers of knitting, a lot of other people that are passionate about it have been saying the same thing. So, because of that, a research has been done on the effects of knitting and the results were surprising to many people. However, I was expecting those results because I know exactly what and how can knitting affect the brain. There are a lot of different things that knitting can do for you other than make you relaxed.

One of those many things is the ability to take your mind off other things. That’s why it is also a very relaxing thing to do because you are not thinking about anything else while you are knitting. If you are really passionate about it as I am, you will understand and more importantly you will experience that feeling too. This ability to take your mind of certain things is very helpful because it allows you to take things easy and not worry about every bad thing in your life.

While you are knitting, you will be completely focusing on that and nothing else can distract you, you have to be very passionate about knitting in order to achieve this result. I believe that knitting will get more popular when people realize that it is a great way to stay relaxed for some time and keep your mind of things. It is a distraction that actually has a purpose.