Different Types Of Knitting Needles

One advice that I can give to all the people that want to start knitting is to carefully choose their knitting needles. That might sound silly, but in reality, it is really important part of your knitting journey and if you want to be successful later on, you will need to learn when to use certain needle types.  When it comes to knitting needles, you have the option to choose between many different types and choosing the right type can mean a lot and it will affect the results that you will be getting.


Knitting NeedleOne of the things that you should consider when choosing the needle type is the material of the needle. There are a lot of different needle materials and each of them has its own pros and cons.  If you are new to knitting and you are just starting to learn the techniques, then you will most likely have some problems picking out the perfect needle. The most common material types are wood, plastic, and aluminum.

The most traditional ones are probably the aluminum needles, but I found out from personal experience that wooden needles are much smoother than any other material. Therefore I personally prefer to use wooden needles when knitting, but sometimes I use aluminum ones. The plastic needles are the cheapest type and therefore they are not the best quality. They are good for maybe beginners that are learning the techniques of knitting.

Size and Length

Size and length of the needle are probably the two most important things that you need to look out for when buying it. Different sizes are specially made for different techniques to make them more easy to use. You might have problems with some larger needles especially if your hands are small. However, with enough practice everyone can achieve success in life, at least that’s what I like to think. I was always bad at doing things that other people found easy, but when I give it a lot of attention and practice eventually I always master it.


Knitting NeedleThere are 3 styles of needles that you can choose from depending on the work that you want to do. The first one is the circular needle that is mostly used to knit circular objects like hats or even sweaters. The straight needles are usually used to knit everything that is flat. Double pointed needles are perfect for making small circles and various tubes.