Must Have Knitting Supplies For Beginners

If you want to start knitting, then you will need to purchase certain supplies that are necessary to have in order to knit. There are not many supplies that you will need, for beginners especially, few needles and a ball of a yarn is usually enough. However, if you want to get more serious and focus on learning knitting the professional way, you will have to purchase some additional tools that are specially designed to make your knitting experience much easier.

Knitting Supplies

I was lucky enough to have my grandmother teach me everything about knitting. She showed me exactly what I need in order to start knitting. Back in those days, I had to purchase everything separately and there were not many options to choose from. However, these days it is much simpler, you can find online various knitting kits that have all the necessary supplies and more importantly, there are a lot of different knitting brand that you can choose from.


Knitting SuppliesWhen you want to learn how to knit, you will need to buy the most important and obvious things such as needles. These are not the needles that you are used to seeing, these are much thicker and longer that are specially designed to help you knit. I personally will always recommend using straight needles for beginners. That is because they are the simplest to use and you will quickly learn how to use them.  As for the size of the needles, there I cannot help you, you have to find the size that you are the most comfortable with. However, if I would have to recommend, then I would say that you try using some bigger sized needles because they tend to be easier to use for example size 13 is a great choice.

As for the material of the needles, I personally prefer to use wooden needles but sometimes I change up to aluminum ones. However, I must say that the wooden ones are most likely the best for me because they are extremely smooth and light weight. If you thought of starting with a plastic needle, that is alright, however, I think that you will regret buying them because both the aluminum and wood are far better.

Additional Supplies

As for the additional supplies, you can purchase a lot of different things. However, some of the most helpful ones are things like scissors, measuring tape and point protectors. Scissors are something that you must have if you want to start knitting, you will be using them to cut various things. Make sure that you purchase a quality one that is sharp.  Measuring tape is also one thing that everyone that knit must have. The tape will allow you to take precise measurements of your project.