Top 3 Knitting Tips For Beginners

Because I am a very experienced knitter, I get asked a lot of times for advice and tips that I can give to people that want to start knitting. In fact, that is probably the most frequently asked question that I get, therefore I decided that I will answer that questions once and for all. So I have created a list of tips that will hopefully help you get better at knitting. Some of these things you might already know, but I am sure that there are some things that even the experienced knitters don’t know. Usually, these tips are all the things that my grandmother taught me when I was little.

Have Quality Ingredients

Knitting TipsThe question for tips is usually asked because people are not satisfied with their end result. They don’t like the final product that they get and they immediately think that there might be something that they don’t know about that will help them get better results. Of course, there are tips for that too, however, you must start from the beginning. Look at your equipment and supplies that you are using, that is the most common cause of the problems. Having low-quality supplies and tools is never good, regarding what you are doing you should always have quality supplies and tools otherwise the results will not be the quality that you imagined.

When purchasing your supplies for knitting, make sure that you first do a research and find out what are some of the best brands and choices that you have available. Then I would strongly recommend that you don’t save money on your supplies because that can lead to poor end results. Some of the supplies that you are buying will last for your entire life if you take good care of them such as needles. Things like the yarn also need to be high quality because that will determine the overall look of your project.

Consistently Tension the Yarn

The most common problem that people are having when starting to knit is messy and bumpy look. The reason for that is their technique and luckily for them, it can be fixed easily, you just need enough effort and practice. To have the smooth fabric, without bumps all over it, you have to keep a constant tension on the yarn while you create every stitch.

Make the Stitches Same Size

Knitting TipsAnother great tip that I can give you to have an even finished product is to make sure that your stitches are the same size. If you are making one stitch smaller than the other, you will be having a lot of problems with the finished product.  To achieve the same exact size, I would recommend that you use the thickest part of the needle to wrap your yarn instead of the narrow tip. That way all your stitches will be roughly the same size and you will finally have the result that you have been dreaming about, but you have to put some time into practicing and perfecting this technique.